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If you are like most people, here is the range of emotions you probably experience every time you receive a smog check notice.


When you first see the notice, you probably think — “didn’t I just get a smog check on my car?” Some believe that they MUST have received the notice in error.

The reality is that two years go quickly. If your car is older than eight years, you need to have a smog check completed bi-annually or once every two years.


You know how important it is that all Californians work together to improve the air quality in San Jose, but you are annoyed to add another item to your already too-full to-do list. You have to work, help your kid with homework, take your grandma to her appointments, and find time to watch the Warrior games on TV. You don’t have time to get a smog check.

The reality is that a smog check only takes 20 or 30 minutes. The time will pass quickly as you scroll through Tik Tok.


After the denial and annoyance come acceptance. You know that having a smog check every two years is required for your vehicle. Instead of throwing a fit, you might as well, Google “smog check near me” or “smog check coupon.”

Do you go through this same range of emotions every other year? Perhaps you have dutifully completed your smog check, but you have no idea what goes on as you chill in the waiting room of Green Star Smog Check. Here’s what happens as you watch Netflix on your phone.

Green Star’s staff visually inspect the emission control components of your vehicle. They also look over all the car’s systems. Keep in mind that Green Star Smog Check is a test-only station. That means that they are unable to repair anything that is broken. This means that they do not receive a financial benefit if they find something wrong with your car.
Next, our technicians complete a functional inspection of your car’s check engine light, ignition timing, exhaust gas recirculation system, fuel evaporative system, and the gas cap. Don’t wait for your smog check to find out why your check engine light appears. And if the check engine light blinks, make sure you consult a licensed mechanic immediately.
After the car’s central systems are checked, our technician completes a check using the car’s On-Board Diagnostic System. This means that the technician plugs a device into your car’s computer system to determine if there’s anything wrong with it.

Finally, our staff inspects the tailpipe emissions. The amount and type of each pollutant are analyzed.

You may know nothing about cars, and the above steps may sound like a bunch of gobbledygook. If this is you — no worries. The only thing you should understand is the California smog check history requires that you complete this process to protect Californians from being harmed by pollutants caused by engine exhaust.

Besides understanding that completing a smog check is your responsibility as a car owner, you also need to understand that not every smog check business in San Jose is the same.

You need to bring your car to Green Star Smog Check. We are a highly-rated STAR station, and we will have you in and out in less than 30 minutes. No appointments are necessary. Simply drive to our location at 88 Keyes Street, San Jose.

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