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How Your Car can Pass Smog Test

As a Californian, you know the importance of having your vehicle pass the biennial smog test. After all, if your car fails to pass the test performed at your San Jose smog check station, you won’t be able to register it through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If your car’s registration expires, you cannot operate it legally. While you might be tempted to drive it illegally, this may cause you to suffer additional expenses and consequences.

Prudent Californians know how important this test is and check a vehicle’s smog test history before purchasing a used car.

How can you make sure that your car passes a smog test? Here are some tips that will help you keep your vehicle on the freeway.

1. Know when you are due for a smog test.

Gas-powered vehicles and hybrid vehicles that are model year 1976 and newer require a smog, with the following exceptions:
Eight model-years and newer do not need a biennial inspection.
Four model-years and newer do not need a change-of-ownership inspection.

This means that if you drive a vehicle that is seven years old, you will be required to have a smog test one year from now. The DMV will notify you when they send the registration renewal through the mail.

Pay attention to the age of your vehicle, so you know whether you will have to pass a smog check the next time you register your car or not. This will allow you to be prepared and possibly spread out the cost of repairs that you may need over several months.

2. Follow a car maintenance program.

One of the best ways to make sure your car is ready for a smog inspection is to complete routine maintenance on the vehicle. This regular maintenance includes changing the oil, but it is more complicated than that. You also may need to change filters and replace hoses and belts periodically.

Become educated about your car’s maintenance schedule. In fact, you may want to add dates to your calendar to remind you to go in for regular repairs. Knowing the recommended schedule will also keep you from being taken advantage of by a less-than-reputable mechanic.

3. Don’t ignore the check engine light.

Before you search for a “smog check near me,” take care of the problems that caused your car’s engine light to be illuminated. The check engine light may be illuminated because you have a problem with your car’s exhaust system. If you have your smog check completed before the necessary repairs are done, you may be wasting your time and money. (Please note that Green Star Smog Check offers free retests on vehicles 2000 and newer.)

Once you are ready to have a smog test completed on your car, bring it to Green Star Smog Check. They are conveniently located at 88 Keyes Street in San Jose. You’ll be impressed by our friendly, speedy service. We can’t wait to serve you!

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