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Smog Check Service

Get a Smog Check in San Jose

We wish we could give you a cut and dried answer, but since smog checks are based on government regulations, there is a lot of fine print to sort through. We will help you figure out the fine print by writing a clear and concise guide on whether you need to get a smog check. We will also give you a tip on the best place to go for a smog check near San Jose.

Smog Checks Are Required If . . .

We know that getting a smog check is not your favorite way to spend your time, but here are the types of vehicles that require a smog check.

You need to get a smog check when you register a new vehicle in San Jose.

The fine print: The state government regulations say that if your “new” car is less than four model years old, you can either choose to get a smog check or pay a smog abatement fee. It’s not clear which choice is cheaper, as the fee depends upon the type of car that you are registering. You can continue this practice for the first eight years that your car is registered. This means that you may not need to get a smog check if your vehicle is newer than 12 years old.

To find out how much the smog abatement fee is for your particular vehicle, fill in the details on this website.

You need a smog inspection when you renew your vehicle registration in California.

The fine print: Before you search for the closest smog station near you, check the list of counties that require smog checks. We hate to get your hopes up, but if you live in the lovely Santa Clara County, the state requires that you get a smog check.

You need to get a smog check before selling your car to a private owner.

The fine print: Unless your car is four years old or newer, you need to provide the new owner of the car a valid smog certificate when you transfer ownership of the vehicle. If the vehicle is newer than four years old, the new owner will be required to pay the smog transfer fee.

Smog Checks are Not Required If . . .

We tried to make the previous rules as clear as possible, but the fine print gets in the way. Here are some vehicles that do not need a smog check.

You do not need a smog check if you drive an electric vehicle.

You do not need a smog check if your car weighs more than 14,000 pounds and is powered by natural gas.

You do not need a smog check if you drive a diesel-powered vehicle that is older than 1997.

You do not need a smog check if you drive an older vehicle (1975 or older.)

Where do I get a smog check?

If you live in Santa Clara County, go to Green Star Smog Check. Green Star is a STAR-certified facility, which means they are a check-only station that has been certified by the state. They receive excellent customer reviews, are conveniently located, and will have you in and out in minutes.

Green Star Smog Check provides friendly, quality service. We hope to see you soon!