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FAQ Answers Green Star Smog

What questions do you have regarding getting a smog check in San Jose? Let Green Star Smog Check in San Jose answer those questions.

Since we have been serving the San Jose community for years, we have heard hundreds of questions regarding our service. Here are the answers to some of those FAQs.

If we don’t answer your specific question in this blog, please reach out to the staff at Green Star. You don’t need an appointment, so you can have your questions answered in person. You may also call our office at (408) 423-0000. The staff of Green Star Smog Check can’t wait to serve you.

What do I need to bring when I go to Green Star Smog Check?

Of course, the most important thing you need to bring is your vehicle. We suggest that you drive your car at least 15 minutes before arriving to make sure your emission-related components are ready to be checked.

Besides bringing your car, you may also bring the renewal notice that you received from the DMV. Look for the document with the barcode across it. Don’t fret if you can’t find your notice. It’s not vital that you have it.

Finally, if you are money conscious (and who isn’t?), you may want to visit our website and print out our smog check coupon.

How do I learn a vehicle’s smog check history?

Are you considering buying a used car? Is the owner or dealer not able to provide proof that the vehicle recently passed a smog test, you should be wary of handing over the money. Fortunately, if you know the vehicle’s VIN or license plate number, you can visit the California Bureau of Automotive Repair website. From there, you can enter either of those numbers to see the report on that particular car.

The report will state the make, model, and year of the vehicle, so you can make sure that it matches the car you were considering to buy. The report will also give you the date of the last inspection, and it will tell you whether or not the vehicle passed.

Where can I find the cheapest smog check price?

You’ll receive not only the best service but also the lowest price at Green Star Smog Check. We are located at 88 Keyes Street in San Jose.

What happens if your car doesn’t pass the necessary smog test?

If your car doesn’t pass the smog test, you cannot legally drive your vehicle. The DMV simply won’t register it.

Green Star Smog Check will give you a report that explains the repairs that you need to make on your car. Green Star Smog Check is a check-only station. This means we can’t make the necessary repairs. Green Star offers a 30-day retest for vehicles that are model year 2000 and newer.

Do I need to visit a STAR check station?

You may have noticed that your documentation from the DMV says that you need to have your smog check performed at a STAR station.

The state of California says that vehicles older than model-year 1999 must have an inspection at a STAR station. Cars of this age require a tailpipe inspection, and STAR stations must have the appropriate equipment for this test.

Visit the Green Star Star Smog check location to receive the answers to any other questions.