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Consumer Assitance Program

Unless you are living under a rock, you are aware that the recent COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the economy. The people of our nation are suffering from rampant unemployment, and the stay at home orders have caused some of our industries to suffer. Now, more than ever before, Californians find themselves turning to government resources to assist them through these difficult times. 

Even though new programs have been enacted, some old assistance programs may be particularly helpful right now. We would like to share some details about the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) as offered by the State of California.

The state realizes that requiring a vehicle to pass a smog test before registering it places a particular burden on low-income families. These families typically drive older cars that need more repairs and requiring that these cars pass an emissions test may be particularly stressful. 

Since many jobs require that the employee has access to a working vehicle, and some individuals can’t afford to have such a car, this leads to an unfortunate and endless cycle.

Fortunately, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, state leadership started the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).

This program assists low-income people living in California in getting a working vehicle. It does it in one of two ways.


Low-income individuals may qualify to receive $500 to spend on diagnosing and repairing their cars. The repairs must be emissions-related and completed to help the car pass the smog test. Vehicles eight years and older must pass this test to be registered in the state. The testing must be completed at a STAR station, similar to Green Star Smog Check.

While $500 may cover most of the emission repair bills, there may be other problems with the vehicle that cause it to be undrivable. That’s why the state also enacted the Vehicle Retirement program. 

If you can’t afford to make the additional repairs on your car, the state may choose to purchase it from you for $1,000 or $1,500. This would not only get the polluter off the road, but it would help low-income individuals put funds toward a more efficient vehicle that would pass the smog test with ease.


Since this is a government-sponsored program, there is a lot of fine print. As this is an income-based program, you may be required to show proof that you qualify for the assistance. Also, the Vehicle Retirement program may or may not be fully funded, so even if you are eligible based on your income, the funds may or may not be there to pay for your car.

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