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Smog test Services

The Benefits of Getting Smog Check

California laws regarding motor vehicles are quite simple and easy to understand, and one that affects nearly everyone is the smog check. According to the law, if you have a car with a model older than 2012, you need to get a smog test administered every 2 years to successfully register it with the DMV.

While this may seem like an unnecessary hassle, smog checks actually have a lot of benefits. Not only do they help you keep your car in top shape, but also have a positive impact on saving the environment for you and your children. What’s more, did you know that getting a smog test done can also save you money?

Here’s how…

Smog Check Help You Create a Greener World

Today more than ever, people all over the world are striving to make the world greener and safer. We have all started to learn the hard way how alarming the harmful effects of pollution and global warming can be, and thankfully, today we have the time and means to prevent them.
Studies in the US have shown that smog levels and air quality can be controlled and improved to a great extent by driving upgraded and well-maintained cars. And as more and more electric cars take to the roads, we hope that our future can be bright and pollution-free.

Successful Smog Tests Can Save Your Time and Money.

No one has ever enjoyed being pulled over by a broken taillight or on a speeding charge. Nor do many people enjoy receiving tickets for traffic violations that have already multiplied in value while you had no idea they existed.
While these do require a lot of money and time to resolve, they are peanuts when compared to a failed smog test. This is because a failed smog test means that you will not be able to successfully register your vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
While technically, you can still drive around in a vehicle whose registration has expired and which hasn’t cleared the smog test, it is against the law to do so because such vehicles can cause a lot of damage to the environment and the quality of the air that we all breath.
Since this is a serious offense, it involves a strict penalty too. If you do get pulled over for driving an unregistered car with a failed smog test, you can expect a hefty fine, as well as getting your car impounded. Getting it out of the impound lot can be even more expensive, depending on the number of days you leave it there.
But all of this can be easily avoided. Simply go down to the top STAR certified smog test station in San Jose, and have the team at GreenStar run a quick, painless smog check on your beloved car

A Smog Check Does More Than Check For Smog

Despite what many people think, a smog test does not only test the emissions that come out of your car.
It is true that the emission is thoroughly inspected, but so is the check engine light, exhaust system, gas cap, ignition, engine temperature, and your tire pressure. This is the reason why many experts will advise you to go for a smog test with a warm, running engine with fresh oil, no pending repairs, and properly inflated tires.
So it is always beneficial to take a trip down to your mechanic before going for a smog test. If you don’t have time to do that, and unfortunately fail the smog test, you do not need to be worried.
The technician at GreenStar who did perform your test will always give you a detailed form which will tell you the reason your car failed the smog test. Then all you need to do is visit your mechanic, and get that problem fixed before it escalates into something worse.

The Best Smog Test Station in San Jose

When it comes to your car, it is important to settle for nothing but the best. It is important to make sure that you are taking it to Star Certified inspectors.
By visiting us at GreenStar in San Jose California, you will find that we are not only Star certified by the State of California, but also have the best customer care options.
While we are a test only facility, we are probably the only company that offers free retests within 30 days in case your car fails the smog test.

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