+ $8.25 Certificate Fee

  • No need to print, just mention the deal!
  • Takes 15 minutes, Walk ins are welcome
  • Open 7 days a Week! 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Pass or Free Re-Test
  • Regular Smog & Regular Cars Only

Green Star Smog is conveniently located at intersection of 3rd Street & Keyes Street that is a quite neighborhood of San Jose Downtown.
It is also very close to and Freeways.


Green Star Smog Test & Emission Inspection Station

Save time, money and tree by simply referring this smog check coupon verbally instead of printing it. Please tell our technician that you saw discounted price of $29.95 on website and you will be honored with this special deal.

Green Star Smog is at the corner of Keyes St. and 3rd St. Green Star Smog is a Star Certified Smog Check Station. We are a first come first serve smog station. Walk-ins are welcome.


We run all types of smog tests

  • Star Smog Check

  • Smog Test Only Certificate

  • Smog Check Certificate

  • Diesel Smog Check Certificate

  • Out of State Registration

  • Change of Ownership

  • Gross Polluters

We smog all types of vehicles

  • All types of sedan cars

  • Diesel Cars

  • SUVs and Minivans

  • Pick-ups and small Trucks

  • Full size Vans

  • RV’s

  • Heavy duty Trucks


VEHICLES 2000 & NEWER $29.95 + $8.25 CERTIFICATE

VEHICLES 1999 & OLDER $39.95 + $8.25 CERTIFICATE

Additional fee will be charged for large vehicles like trucks, SUVs, minivans, EVAP (1995 & older).
Please call us if you have any questions;

 (408) 423-0000

We Accept: